In 'All About Love,' bell hooks wrote, "To truly love we must learn to mix various ingredients - care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, and trust, as well as honest and open communication," which finally put into words something I had only felt in the realms of dreams and the imagination. Like so many, I did not grow up with positive role models or examples of what being truly loving or loved looked like. But I imagined it, every day. From very early on, I began giving life to those visions through art in paint and in stories.

Art became a home for me long before I was brave enough to feel at home in my body. A form of expression that could move beyond words, beyond expectations, and into the heart of the matter - any matter, any story. Each creative act brings with it an unearthing of lessons, questions, and connections meant to be reckoned with by those that need space for such reckoning.

My name is Dhiyanah Hassan and I am an artist, writer, and energy worker. I began building my body of work by exploring how reclaiming one's story creates strength and space to navigate the wild terrains of memory and desire. Along the way I reconnected with mysticism, observing how spiritual and creative symbols, rituals, and practices that aim to bridge the gaps between spirit and body - between the soul and the soil of the world - catalyze connectivity and healing. Over the past couple of years, my practice has grown more focused on art and healing.

My practice is still evolving and changing. I'm training as a healer. I'm returning to comics to deepen my knowledge and love for this art form. I'm working closely with tarot as an instrument to rewrite archetypal narratives and catalyze healing conversations with friends and clients. My series on tarot and creativity, 'Ash and Stardust,' is in a gestating period - busy becoming something new after its first incarnation as a monthly column in 2018. There are projects for these next years to come that I'm preparing for - whose ideas I'm still getting used to having in my head. Through my work, I intend to bring forth everything I've learned about art, healing, and love, and challenging them to to grow into something big, beautiful, and transformative for myself and my communities.

I'm based in Malaysia and have a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT, Australia. Consider supporting my work by checking out my shop.

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Personal and long-term projects, including selected events, since 2014. What started out as a deep dive into memory work rooted in trauma recovery and navigating the axis of longing and unbelonging is now branching off into explorations of how art - and as an extension, storytelling - can be used to support and catalyze healing.

Commissioned, collaborative, and side projects for work and for fun, not necessarily related to the themes from my Studio projects - although more often than not, they do inform each other.

A selection of my written works, personal and commissioned, including poetry, memoir, and essays.

Tarot-based projects, and coming soon: how to book a reading with me.

Zine and art-zine projects.