An on-going experimental series where I use my body as surface and medium to investigate conflicts between identity and place, between trauma and healing. My guidelines for the process are: self-portraits to include paint or body-painting in some way, and taking place in a room with a camera-and-tripod set up.

The title Asal Usul is Malay for "origins." These works are rooted in unbelonging.

The first session was taken in my bedroom-studio in Klang Valley, Selangor. Its presence indicated only by the curtains in the background. That room was a place where trauma occurred and festered as illness within my body - yet against all odds, I had also found catharsis in this space. This session allowed me to experiment with a different method of plunging into the depths of memory work. It felt liberating to create a moment where this space was safe enough for me to find creative expression via photography and the body.

Paint, the body, and digital photography.

2016-current, on-going.