A monthly column on Burning House Press that ran in 2018 exploring the intersections of tarot, healing, and creativity. 

x. Ashytober reviews the process behind my tarot-based inktober challenge, #ashytober and elaborates on the importance of connectiong with our intuitive selves.

ix. Recalibrate acknowledges our bodies’ responding to the season changes and takes the Cosmic Shift Spread for a spin, letting it guide us to deepen how we care for ourselves.

viii. Cosmic Shift Spread briefly explores the significance of cosmic shifts and introduces a tarot spread inspired by eclipse season, "A personal barometer to gauge how one might approach the lessons one is being challenged to integrate."

vii. Checkpoints is a piece that touches on personal heartbreaks, meditating on the Eight of Cups and the space in between breakage and wholeness.

vi. Mars and Saturn walk into a teahouse and are ambushed by the Moon with Neptune cackling on the roof is a cosmic report focusing on Mars retrograde and June's full moon in Capricorn that ends with a quick three-card reading, including affirmations and self-love exercises for readers to try.

v. The World Turned Upside Down refers to daily draws to support an explorative and affirming piece on the death of my childhood dream, walking away from a career path, and opening up more fully to the work of healing.

iv. The Care in Chaos introduces a spread I designed last year, the Chaos Spread, and talks about the transformative powers of reconnecting with one's intuition.

iii. Reversed Readings is an article on how I utilize reversals in my tarot readings. In this, I share some suggestions and use The Moon from the major arcana as a guide and example. 

ii. Trauma and The Lovers recounts a personal journey through familial trauma to the work of self-love and acceptance. I share how I use The Lovers as a guide for shadow work.

i. Here We Are, the introductory piece. I write about my history with tarot and how it grew to become part of my self-care and creative practices.