For inktober 2018 I came up with #ashytober, a challenge to affirm my growing passion for tarot and a renewed interest in narrative-based art-making. For each day in October 2018, I pulled a tarot card and by the end of that day I created an illustration as a response to that card. The idea was not to re-illustrate the tarot card, but to take the self-inquiring qualities of tarot readings and dialogue with them through images.

I worked primarily on Procreate. Very little planning went into this series - most pieces were created in sittings of one to four hours. I had intended to keep to a minimal palette for each piece and ended up gradually shifting from the purple and blue hues that I began with to more robust pinks and oranges through the month.

A whole world full of fantastical beasts, stories, and characters emerged. I found myself drawing the same characters over a few pieces, developing potential storylines - some have begun to appear in new/future projects. Below are all the #ashytober2018 artwork, arranged in chronological order: