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Hello! by Dhiyanah H

6th panel of "Another Soft Thing," a short comic I'm gridding on my Instagram (@byDhiyanah)

6th panel of "Another Soft Thing," a short comic I'm gridding on my Instagram (@byDhiyanah)

Welcome to my new blog! I'm gradually working on content to unveil on here which will include a range of stuff that I hope you'll find fun, helpful and/or engaging. Because I work mostly on my own at the moment and my work is expanding, the process for getting things out there can take a dang while. Usually there's a lot going on in the backstages and I aim to share bits and pieces of that with you in this space to supplement what I'm already sharing on my Instagram and Twitter.

I'll be focusing on creativity and my journey with energy work - the latter might involve aspects of spirituality and metaphysics. If that isn't your cup of tea, that's totally legit and you're not obliged to engage with that! I'm here to forge and nurture connections that are mutually real, healthy, and honest. So if something resonates, you're welcome to reach out and I'd be so happy to hear from likeminded folks. I don't yet know what kind of capacity I have in managing my now multidisciplinary practice, but if there is interest in conversation, I'm happy to try and make space for that.

Thank you for reading and remember to check back in for new posts, or follow me on social media to keep an eye on updates!