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Art following a narrative exploring: home, longing/belonging, memory and identity. Included under this tab are completed series, selected exhibitions, and on-going projects.

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My tarot-related work and projects are updated here, including updates on 'Ash and Stardust,' a column on Burning House Press.

When I decided to commission original artwork for my Her Head in Films podcast, I knew Dhiyanah would be the perfect person for the job. I’d never worked with an artist before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was nothing but positive. From beginning to end, Dhiyanah was patient and professional, listening to my ideas and helping me hone in on what mattered. She deeply understood what Her Head in Films is about and created a logo that beautifully represents the podcast, which has already attracted new listeners.
— Caitlin, Her Head in Films
Dhiyanah’s art and illustrations have touched my soul ever since she worked on the cover of my contemporary fantasy novel set in Singapore. I soon recommended her to one of my publishers. Intuitive, beautiful and poignant - Dhiyanah’s art is guaranteed to touch your heart and soul.
— Joyce Chng, author of 'Wolf At The Door' and 'Water Into Wine'
What I’ve loved about collaborating with Dhiyanah is her dedication to the work and respect for the process. We have come together to produce poetry and I’ve trusted her to produce illustrations for my writing because of this respect and meticulousness, as well as her intuitiveness in capturing meaning from work and finding beautiful visual expressions for them. The integrity she brings to her work is admirable and a standard that nurtures the work and process to be the best it can be.
— Syar S. Alia, ISSUE Magazine