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Storytelling: Interview with
Rayji de Guia

Part of a series I curated for Burning House Press as their Art Editor. The theme was 'Sketchbooks,' and I invited Rayji for an interview when she mentioned in her submission that she utilized drawing and writing for her stories. In this, we explored her creative process, how she utilizes sketchbooks, and the importance of storytelling. 


Talking Stories with Sharon Chin

"There is a lot of giving in her works, without taking much away from subject matters or the artist herself – Sharon’s process is what I’d describe as an on-going creative exploration supported by its own life flow, providing support while branching off in a gentle but fierce growth." 


Variation of Presence
an Interview with Alexis Vasilikos

"Going back to “Variations of Presence,” there is a strong sense of solitude in these photographs. The two individuals lying on an edge, for instance, with their backs facing us (and you, the photographer) and this vast space beyond them where light diffuses into fragmented sea foam greens in the water. The photograph itself urges one’s mind to be quiet, to observe the captured moment and be part of this moment of observation. It seems carefully constructed."