A selection of pieces and previews from La Lune est Seule (The Moon is Lonely), a series of abstract watercolor moon paintings. 

I spent 2014 working on these paintings. I found that abstraction allowed me to access a purely intuitive method of art-making. Growing up, I had never felt 'at home' anywhere - even after moving countries a few times. The moon had grown into a personal symbol of shaping and reshaping desire - I found deep comfort in its continuous journey through light and shadow, its loyal push-and-pull dance with the seas.

What started out as a meditative practice for releasing anxieties quickly grew into a full series of paintings and studies in which I unearthed the nuances, depths and fury of my longing - the lines and mark-makings echoed the gestures of writing. It was this particular series that convinced me to spend five years exploring an umbrella theme I refer to as 'Spaces/Places,' which at its very core involves utilizing art as a way to move through the shadows of unbelonging, and towards some kind of understanding of what “home” could mean.