Poems published in various places. For those published in online magazines, click on the title of any fragment to read the full piece.

in the same way we might
whisper our prayers
deep between diaphragm and intestines so no one else hears them,
our mothers bled, their bodies
becoming One with
life and death,
creation itself
— - Published in sister-hood, 2018 (online)
Everything here is either blue or red
bruises from lovemaking, hungry bodies awakening
away from eyes that named your love a crime. In letters
you spell the return address as
‘Whale’s Tail’ in light language, penned in darkness
— Published in Issue Seven of Occulum, 2018 (online)
In the debris of all the things that happened,
I lay my head to rest on this smouldering
Earth, still throbbing with ancestors.
— Published in Issue Seven: Roots of Umbel and Panicle, 2018 (online)
I stand here,
desperate to feel the full extent of my becoming
and the hunger grows its own teeth
— Published in Issue Four of Rambutan Literary, 2017 (online)


On my travels, I passed the stars.
Orion spent years chasing me over the distance of three oceans.
This time, I slit his throat and took that belt for myself.
No more a whip, now a trophy I keep
on the other side of the realm
to remember what I learned of injury and anger.
I cut and cultivated pieces of his body,
hid in them time capsules
to grow kinder myths from decaying memories -
postcards I sometimes send to friends
before the initiation of yuanfen.
— Published in The Arsonist Magazine volume 1, 2017 (print)
No, you can’t kiss
her standing on the steps.
She waved
climbing up into the capsule and spilled
his right hand
in my breast pocket

clasped it
and undid the throat
dropped him.
— Published in Burning House Press, 2016 (online)