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The poems in this book are skillfully written and arranged into a narrative that starts with breaking the self open at ‘Hanuman,’ “Take from me all I can give,” and finding completion with a sense of renewal in ‘Gathering,’ “Precious one - listen - we are still here.” Sewn into these otherworldly poems and rooted within each mythological character is the Self as protagonist. Sharanya’s dexterity in infusing the most intimate moments of being human with the mythological, mystical, and lyrical results in writing that carries great impact and luminosity.
— Published on my blog, 2018 (online)
...this book is a sea of women, each voice honoring the collective memories, hearts, and bodies of women. Earthbound, the voice of each character rises up from the pages like wind – arriving and departing, breath-giving, season-changing.
— Published in Burning House Press, 2018 (online)
The bell rings and the story resets. He greets her again, as if for the first time. The sound of the bell grants the story a re-do. Like a game where you have to pass through levels to fulfill a task, they eventually agree to watch a movie together.
— Published in Critics Republic, 2017 (online)
In contemporary Malaysia, poetry is an art form whose function is easily misunderstood or ignored. This betrays the country’s rich poetic past, where stories set to rhyme and verse were carried orally from one generation to the next. This anthology provides a fair example of the many ways poetry, now, allows Malaysians space for self-expression and
social commentary.

The pastoral, celebrative of human’s return to nature for recalibration, features predominantly in this anthology. Perhaps this is one way Malaysians are claiming their poetic language - in the face of rapid development or stressful current events, the meditative quality of being immersed in nature provides space for reflection and empathy.
— Published on 24th February 2017 in Star2 (print and online)