Slumb-a-Chamber is an art installation set in an interactive audio-visual dome. Part of the Northern Hemisphere exhibition for 2016's George Town Festival, this installation features art based off different aspects of a woman’s lived experiences. Each artist were given a theme to work with - ERYN illustrated a young woman's imagination blooming in the comforts of her private space, Kim Khaira explored a single woman grappling with the idea of motherhood, Shieko Reto created animated GIFs to address casual sexism within a workspace, and I made ink drawings to accompany a poem addressing street harassment.

At the start of this project, I was invited on as a curator to collaborate with Lightforge as part of their installation for 2016's George Town Festival. Working with sponsorship from Penang Women's Development Corporation, I commissioned three artists to provide artwork, working closely with them to flesh out concepts and themes. As per requested, I contributed my own artwork for this show. Lightforge managed logistics and electronics, including flying in a Bali-based spoken word poet, Skid More, for a dynamic opening night performance. 

Audiences were invited to lounge in the dome, which had been done up to look like a bedroom (mattress on the floor, clothes rack which held shirts that had each artist's title and bio on them, bean bags). On a loop, videos featuring each artist's work would play, projected on the inner surface of the dome. Music or poetry played in the background. The videos were edited by Lightforge's Ammar Khalifa.


Previews of my artwork, including the audio poetry track made to play in the background:

Photos of the dome installation in action:

(13 - 19 August)