VOICES was an annual program run by Penang Women's Development Corporation (PWDC) in collaboration with George Town Literary Festival. I was accepted into their one-weekend workshop held in August 2016, where I wrote a memoir piece titled, 'Fire.' The piece was read during the literary festival and it was published in the Voices 2016 chapbook.

‘Fire’ was also published in Issue 3 of The Brown Orient, in print and online.

How do you honor a grief so ancient, you are no longer afraid of death because of it? What does healing mean, when you are telling a story, over and over again, because nobody heard it the first time? Where do decades of screams go, when your throat finds the sound of your own voice foreign?

One day, I grew too big to hide under the bed so I took what the anger gave me. I grew my own fire, then I grew too big for them to shrink me.
— an extract from 'Fire'