"Traveller, what if the night overtakes you?"
"We shall lie down to sleep till the morning dawns with its songs, and the call of the sea floats in the air."
- Rabindranath Tagore

This solitary figure in a boat has been a recurring character in dreams and sketches for years. I think of this figure as being faceless and genderless, donning a hat and old baggy clothes to appear human outside. This watercolor and ink series was my first attempt at situating the Wanderer in a world and a story - in this, they're chasing the moon. 

This series sparked the beginnings of my work for La Lune est Seule, which threw me into a wild unknown space that initiated an exploration into inner landscapes, longing, and the transformative effects of reclaiming one’s personal narrative.

Watercolor and ink on watercolor on cartridge papers.